Current Board of Trustees

  • (Rt. Rev.) Mar Melchizedek, Chair
  • (Very Rev.) Michael Cuozzo, OFE
  • (Bro.) Anthony Sanders, OFM
  •  (Rev.) William Mills
  • (Rt. Rev.) Trond H.F. Kverno

The Articles Of The Board Of Trustees

I. Board Meetings 
  1. The Trustees of Meister Eckhart Divinity School shall meet at least once a year for its Annual Board Meeting.
  2. As the first item on the Agenda, the Board shall approve, correct or reject the Minutes of the previous Board Meeting by simple (51%) majority vote.
  3. Additional Meetings may be scheduled by any Board Member with either the approval of the School President or a simple majority (51%) request. The School President may schedule a Board Meeting at any time.
  4. The Annual Board Meeting is scheduled by the School President, giving all Board Members a minimum of 30-day notice of the day and place of the meeting.
  5. The Agenda of any Board meeting shall be sent to each Board member, either by postal or electronic mail, by the School President two (2) weeks before the Board Meeting.
  6. Board Meetings may be conducted with all Trustees physically present or via teleconference.
  7. A Quorum consists of a majority (51%) of the Trustees attending the meeting either in person or via teleconference.
  8. Trustees may not be compensated for serving on the Board from any school account funds.
  9. The Secretary of the Board shall take Minutes of each Board Meeting, type them, sign them and send them to all Board Members via regular mail within ninety (90) days after the meeting, but always two (2) weeks before the next meeting, whichever comes first.
II. Eligibility of Serving on the Board of Trustees 
  1.  A Board term consists of three (3) years.
  2. All Trustees may be re-elected without term-limits.
  3. New Trustees may be presented by any current Trustee at any Board Meeting, but must be voted in by a two-thirds majority (66%) of all Trustees present at the meeting as defined in Section I.6
  4. New Trustees are deemed to serve at least one term.
  5. Annual Board elections, including the Officers, shall be conducted at the Annual Board Meeting only.
  6. Active Students and students who have been discharged from Meister Eckhart Divinity School for misconduct are not eligible to serve on the Board.
  7. There shall be a minimum of three (3) Trustees and a maximum of thirteen (13) Trustees at any given time.
  8. When a Trustee leaves the Board before his or her term has expired, he or she is usually not automatically replaced, unless one of the remaining Board members presents a new candidate to the Board for approval. In case of the minimum requirement of three (3) Trustees being temporarily lost, an active effort by all Trustees shall be conducted in order to bring the minimum number of Trustees in compliance with these Articles.
  9. The School President may be elected by two-thirds majority (66%) from any Trustee that has served at least one (1) term.
  10. Trustees are deemed to give written notice of their resignation.
III. Trustees Prerogatives

  1. It is within the Board’s privilege to approve by simple majority vote (51%), both within and outside a formal meeting, the following:
    1. The hiring, supervision and termination of the Chancellor, but not of any other staff or faculty;
    2. The general oversight of the School in regards to compliance with the overall policies and regulations;
    3. To impose disciplinary action upon the Chancellor as warranted;
    4. Policies and regulations which the School President requests the Board to approve or reject;
    5. The rental or purchase of property to house School offices and classrooms;
    6. Approval or rejection of candidates for Graduation (except Credit Transfer program) upon presentation by the Chancellor or the School President.
  2. The School President is the Chair of the Board (or his representative when so designated).
  3. The School President must always be a Board Member.
  4. Current School Staff and Faculty members are not eligible to serve on the Board of Trustees, unless so specifically approved by the President of the School and a majority of Trustees.
  5. The Board accepts or rejects resignations of Trustees, but not of staff or faculty, which is the prerogative of the Chancellor or President.
  6. The Board hears grievances and appeals by staff, faculty and students when so properly conducted according to the guidelines of the School, at any meeting
  7. The Board accepts with corrections or rejects the annual report given by the Chancellor only at an Annual Board Meeting
  8. The Board accepts with corrections or rejects the yearly budget only at an Annual Board Meeting
  9. Unless otherwise noted, all voting requires a simple majority (51%) according to the voting procedures established by the Board.
  10. Voting conducted outside a Board meeting as in Section 3(a) is solicited by simple majority.
  11. Board Members not having voted through absence or by the given deadline are counted as abstention.
  12. The initial vote and subsequent changes to these Articles in accordance with Meister Eckhart Divinity School policies and regulations require the approval of all Trustees (100%), if solicited outside a Board Meeting. If a Trustee does not vote (by the deadline given) or if consensus (100%) cannot be obtained, a Board meeting may be convened with a simple majority vote (51%) requirement.

These Articles have been approved on the 1st day of September in the year 2016, the Indiction of the Orthodox Church Year.